STOP Trans Fat website down… sorry

February 6, 2007

It’s now 10.46 pm 6 Feb Singapore time

I found out a while ago that my website, www.stop-trans-fat.com is down. I just spoke with my web hosting company and was told that there had been some power problem, and they expect the site to be down for at least another two hours.


Despite the site being down, I’d like to put in a good word for my web hosting company, www.hostexcellence.com.

Firstly, their charges are very reasonable. For under USD 108, I get to host eight domains, real domains, not sub-domains, plus I get three domain names free.

But what really impressed me was when I called just now to check what had happened. First, there was a recorded message, so I already knew they had some technical problem. As would be expected in such situations, they get many calls from clients, so I was put on hold…

Few seconds later, I was told that I was “caller number 14 waiting to speak to our representative, thank you for your patience.”

Oh dear, I thought. Then came the surprise 🙂 Every five to 10 seconds, a similar message came on, telling me I am caller numbr 12, number 10, number 8…. and within a minute my call was put through.

This is such a contrast to the various companies in Singapore, which might make callers wait 10, 20, 30… minutes not knowing what is going on!

Recently, when I tried calling Pacific Internet (I later found out my modem was spoilt, not their fault) I gave up three or four times, after waiting 15 to 20 minutes each time, before I finally got through!

Singapore has a long way to go before becoming a nation of excellence.

BTW: If any of you wants to sign up for web hosting with Host Excellence after reading this post, wait first… let me register myself as an affiliate then go through me 😉 Thanks

One comment

  1. Have you heard anything recenlty from hostexcellence. My website is down too. It’s been down a long time. This looks like more than a power problem.

    Do you have the phone nubmer for HE? I can’t even get their site to come up.

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