Fairprice organic melons no longer great

February 12, 2007

If some of you took my recommendation and went to buy the Thailand organic musk melon from NTUC Fairprice, and found them not all that great, my apologies.

I just bought another of the melons over the weekend and it was a great disappointment.

Firstly, it was a different species of melon. The outside looks the same but inside, the flesh was orange / peach in colour, versus the light green version previously.

And this time round, the taste was absolutely FLAT! Not juicy, not sweet, not anything.

Maybe the melon I bought was not sufficiently ripe. But this would mean that it was harvested unripe, which is not a good thing. And then it was not sufficiently ripened before it was put on sale.

I am very disappointed with the lack of quality control. And I feel bad that I recommended it to so many of my friends as well as on this blog!

Perhaps this is what happens when organic foods go to the mass market. Sigh!

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