A fats and cholesterol quiz

March 7, 2007

Here’s a simple test of your knowledge about fats and cholesterol.

Consider the following statements:

  1. High-fat foods cause heart disease
  2. High cholesterol causes heart disease
  3. High fat foods raise blood cholesterol
  4. Cholesterol blocks arteries
  5. Animal studies prove the diet-heart idea (that diet affects heart disease)
  6. Lowering your cholesterol will lengthen your life
  7. Polyunsaturated oils are good for you
  8. The cholesterol campaign (to get people to reduce their cholesterol levels) is based on good science
  9. All scientists support the diet-heart idea.

Which of the above statements are TRUE?

Which statements are FALSE?

I will provide the answers in a couple of days. But if you have been following my writings on this blog as well as my STOP Trans Fats website, you should know the answers.


  1. All statements except the last one are false.

  2. oops! I got confused, the last one is also false..

  3. I can change my cholesterol at will! I love the office

  4. Hi Guys,

    We are running a survey to understand about the risks of high cholesterol and how to address this issue.

    This study is specific to singapore and we are looking for people who are interested and fits the survey study criteria.

    Interested people can take the survey through the link provided below. We are happy to offer token honorarium to the respondents who fit or profile for the survey.



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