Tartrazine, Aspartame and Royal Jelly?

March 18, 2007

Here is a HQ (health quotient) Quiz…

Which of the following does not belong with the rest?

  1. Tartrazine
  2. Aspartame
  3. Royal Jelly
  4. None of the above

If you know what they are, you would pick answer #3, Royal Jelly.

Tartrazine (a yellow colouring) and aspartame (a sweetener) are both synthetic substances, whereas royal jelly (the food that creates queen bees) is natural.

Tartrazine and aspartame are known to cause a wide range of adverse side effects, whereas royal jelly produces mainly beneficial health effects.

According to Singapore’s regulations on food labelling, however, the correct answer is #4, none of the above. All three substances belong together.

The law requires that all three have to be specifically declared on food labels — as opposed to other substances that might be generically declared as “food colouring”, “flavouring”, “preservatives” etc.

This was mentioned at the forum on trans fat. It is something that I find most puzzling?!?


Tartrazine (also known as Yellow #5 or E102) is derived from coal tar. It appears to cause the most allergic and intolerance reactions of all food colouring classified as azo dyes.

Reactions can include anxiety, migraine, clinical depression, blurred vision, itching, rhinitis, urticaria, general weakness, heatwaves, palpitations, feeling of suffocation, pruritus, purple skin patches, and sleep disturbance. In rare cases, the symptoms of tartrazine sensitivity can be felt even at extremely small doses and can last up to 72 hours after exposure.

Tartrazine has also been linked to childhood developmental problems like ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) and obsessive compulsive behaviour.

It is banned in Norway and previously banned in Germany and Austria as well, but the European Parliament has lifted the ban.

Despite the many adverse effects associated with Tartrazine it is found in an amazing range of common food items, including supposedly healthy foods like orange juice – and even in vitamin pills!


Aspartame, the artificial sweetener, is likewise associated with a long list of adverse side effects.

Scientists have identified more than 90 medical conditions associated with aspartame, including epileptic seizures, memory loss, migraine, blurred vision and so on.

Aspartame is commonly recommended for people with diabetes. However, a leading US authority on diabetes, Dr H J Roberts, MD, informs that aspartame leads to:

  1. precipitation of clinical diabetes
  2. poorer diabetic control
  3. aggravation of diabetic complications such as retinopathy, cataracts, neuropathy and gastroparesis
  4. convulsions.

Another major group of people who take aspartame are the overweight and obese. They should take note that aspartame has been found to make people eat more! Research also suggests that when aspartame is taken with MSG, another common food additive, its negative effects tend to be enhanced.

Aspartame is, in fact, one of the most controversial food substances ever to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Click here to read more about aspartame, especially the politics behind it.


Finally, royal jelly.

It is a natural food substance produced by bees. Among other things, researchers have found that royal jelly:

  • reduces lipid (fat) and cholesterol levels
  • destroys harmful bacteria but not friendly bacteria
  • has anti-inflammatory effects and wound-healing properties.
  • appears to have anti-cancer effects.


So why is royal jelly lumped together with two other harmful and controversial synthetic substances?

Because royal jelly has also ever produced allergic reactions, especially among people with asthma (yet there are also studies that suggest royal jelly help people recover from asthma).

Specifically, there had been ONE DEATH associated with the use of royal jelly, sometime during the 1990s. And those in the industry say it was not a straight-forward case of a person taking royal jelly and then dropping dead.

There were other factors involved. One objectively worded medical report described it as “death secondary to royal jelly-induced asthma”, meaning royal jelly was not the primary cause of death.

Just one death, throughout a long history of incident-free royal jelly consumption dating back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. And that was enough to get royal jelly black-listed, placed in the same category as other food substances that cause thousands and millions of adverse reactions.


In sharp contrast, trans fats are associated with at least 30,000 deaths each year in the United States alone. That’s a conservative estimate. The actual figure could be as high as 150,000!

But, our health authorities have decided, no need to warn against trans fats.


  1. impressed by ur knowledge on so many things. and ur websites have been very informative… i went to the website by de authoriy … and found that Tartrazine Aspartame Royal Jelly are under different categories, while tartrazine is under colouring, asprtame under general food additives, RJ is regulated under its own regulation and therefore, considered as a food ingredient not additive…. although it requires de warning statement, this is not new (at least not in de country i’m studying) and i understand that many other countries like EU, US, AUS, NZ have that mandatory statement as well..
    so u mean the other countries are wrong to have that allergen statement for RJ as well?

  2. thanks for this article – i hadn’t read much about royal jelly before, but i’m convinced that much of our nations problems with diabetes and obesity comes from aspartame, the sweetener that we were told would eliminate those problems. i would like to encourage people to try stevia or another natural sweetener instead… stevia actually helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. my mother in law started using it after she was diagnosed with diabetes and with that and controlling her diet, she got it under control again. i’ve found stevia online at http://www.shopnatural.com – they’ve got lots of great natural products…

  3. more from The Independent, UK, Martin Hickman, re ASDA (unit of Wal-Mart Stores) and Marks & Spencer ban of aspartame, MSG, artificial chemical additives and dyes to prevent ADHD in kids: Murray 2007.05.16

    See also:

    ASDA (unit of Wal-Mart Stores WMT.N) and Marks & Spencer will join Tesco and also Sainsbury to ban and limit aspartame, MSG, artificial flavors dyes preservatives additives, trans fats, salt “nasties” to protect kids from ADHD: leading UK media:
    Murray 2007.05.15

    combining aspartame and quinoline yellow, or MSG and
    brilliant blue, harms nerve cells, eminent C. Vyvyan
    Howard et al, 2005 education.guardian.co.uk,
    Felicity Lawrence: Murray 2005.12.21

    50% UK baby food is now organic — aspartame or MSG
    with food dyes harm nerve cells, CV Howard 3 year study funded by Lizzy Vann, CEO, Organix Brands,
    Children’s Food Advisory Service: Murray 2006.01.13


    “Of course, everyone chooses, as a natural priority,
    to actively find, quickly share, and positively act upon the facts about healthy and safe food, drink, and

    Rich Murray, MA Room For All rmforall@comcast.net
    505-501-2298 1943 Otowi Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

    group with 74 members, 1,433 posts in a public, searchable archive

  4. Great information. If anyone wants to see a movie that has interviews with scientists about the effects of aspartame and msg, I recommend Sweet Misery and Sweet Remedy, which you can find at sweetremedy(dot)tv.
    It’s amazing that these UK companies are banning some additives in their stores, a wonderful trend – let’s hope more businesses and people reject aspartame and embrace stevia instead…

  5. i get seizures and have epilepsy so they say and i am overweight and no matter what i cannot lose weight. I am wondering if aspartame is the reason why. need to investigate more.

  6. I have been trying actually to see what exactly the tartrazine is made of. I have read different things like it’s industrial waste, it’s coal tar, it comes from animal skin, it comes from animal fat etc etc. Does someone know what exactly makes tartrazine ?, Does it come from any animal, which one?

  7. Aspartame may be controversial, but only because of the corporate disinformation machine that tries to suppress the genuine research showing how damaging this neurotoxin is to the body.

    I recommend looking at the documentaries “Sweet Misery” and “Sweet Remedy” to find out exactly how a complicit FDA allowed this poison into our food supply. Check out http://www.sweetremedy.tv for links to those life-saving films.

  8. i dont think royal jelly includes xanax’s ingredients by the way there is a helpful article about it http://agricultureguide.org/royal-jellys-twelve-curative-effects/ .

  9. Aspartame is poison. Please don’t quote me and then ask me to prove that statement, I have a 22 year old son who has Phenylketonuria, I am a FUCKING EXPERT on aspartame.


  10. Stevia is natural sweetener with zero calories, zero carbohydrates and a zero glycemic index i use it in my daily life and it is economic 1kg of stevia= 300kg of regular sugar.
    for more info http://healthmad.com/health/what-do-you-know-about-stevia

  11. thanks a lot for the information.

    Keep up the job coz u know, most of today’s deaths are a direct result of our eating habits. a friend of mine ones said a simple subtraction of the first and last letters of the word DEATH will give us an anwser as to the major cause of today’s deaths, i.e, dEATh. remove the letters in small and read the resulting word in CAPS = EAT.

    I wish if we could all make it a habbit of reading ingrediants of what we intend to feed our bodies with before we pay for our death.

  12. The raw royal jelly is not advisable to be eaten by people who are suffering from allergies or over sensitivity to bee products. It should not be consumed by pregnant women and nursing mothers. People who are suffering from asthma, royal jelly intolerance, Addison diseases, delirium, psychic anxiety or terminal phase cancer should not consume royal jelly. Thanks for sharing this article.

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  13. If I get Tartrazine and Aspartame in then my legs start paining I did chech everything I use to eat and find I am elirgic for this two supstance since I check all the things I eat my problem with the legs stoped.

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