What cigarette do you smoke, doctor?

July 12, 2007

I came across this YouTube video on the website of http://www.mercola.com. Simply have to share it:

Mercola, for those not familiar, runs probably the most popular health website on the Internet. He posted this TV commercial from 60 years ago, which shows doctors puffing away and enjoying the “pleasures” of smoking.

And he asks, Are doctors still this stupid?

While doctors have since wised up and they no longer recommend smoking, Mercola points out that many of the things they recommend — such as drug treatments for every medical condition — are actually more harmful than smoking.

If you are surprised that doctors at one time recommended smoking, don’t be. You see, the cigarette companies used to sponsor medical journals.

There is nothing new here. Today the journals are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.

So… which drugs do you take, doctor?


  1. Oh my Lord!! That’s amazing, indeed alot of the drugs are harmful. We have to stop taking these drugs and change our lifestyles.

  2. It seems odd that you would lambaste the drug companies for their greed in promoting flu shots for everyone while at the same time accepting advertising for findaflushot.com, whose agenda seems 100% opposed to yours.

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