A rude, wrong cancer doctor

June 8, 2008

Time to resume posting on this blog. The last time I posted was in August 2007. I had been busy and also doing other things.

I must thank Dr Ang Peng Tiam, who is described on one website as “a medical oncologist who is regarded as one of the best in his field in Singapore and in the region” for giving me the, er, “incentive” to start blogging again.

The background is this: On Wednesday, June 4, Dr Ang wrote a column in Mind Your Body, in which he advised:

“Don’t listen to old wives’ tales. Cancer patients often think they cannot eat dairy products, meat or sugar because these will make the cancer grow faster. Some start taking only organic foods or become vegetarian. I tell them a balanced diet is especially important when they are undergoing chemotherapy.”

I sent a letter to STForum. It was quite strongly worded, so I wasn’t surprised that my letter was not published.

Here it is:


Dr Ang Peng Tiam is rude, wrong, unscientific and grossly irresponsible when he describes as “old wives tales” the beliefs that cancer patients should best avoid sugar, meat and milk products, adopt a vegetarian (or near vegetarian) diet and eat mostly organic foods. (It takes two to fight cancer, Mind Your Body, June 4)

He is rude to the entire community of natural health practitioners and a section of the medical profession that subscribe to such beliefs, by referring to them as “old wives”. Such name calling has no place in any discussion on any subject.

He is also wrong to say that such beliefs are old. The idea that diet is linked with cancer (and other illnesses) became popular only recently, arising from scientific research.

Nancy Appelton PhD, author of Lick the Sugar Habit, lists 76 harmful effects of excessive sugar consumption, giving scientific references mostly from the 1980s onwards. Apart from being directly associated with various types of cancer, sugar weakens immune function – and this allows cancer cells to spread.

Dr Colin T Campbell led The China Health Study – the biggest, long-term nutritional study ever undertaken. Dr Campbell grew up on a dairy farm, drinking a gallon of milk a day and believing that milk was wholesome and necessary. Today, he is a leading voice that warns against the great harm of milk.

The US-based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has more than 100,000 members, including thousands of medical professionals, led by Dr Neal Barnard. It recommends a pure vegetarian diet and its website, www.pcrm.org is packed with scientific references about the harm of meat, milk and dairy.

Against all these, there is a great body of scientific literature about phytonutrients – plant nutrients – helping the body prevent and fight degenerative diseases, including cancer. And the few studies on organic foods generally show them to contain more nutrition, particularly phytonutrients.

Dr Ang dismissed all this science and more. Instead, he highlighted one isolated case of a young commando who survived toxic chemotherapy while adopting a high-calorie, high-protein diet that included milk shakes. Medical science calls such examples “anecdotal evidence” and rejects them.

By dismissing science as “old wives tales” and focussing on a single anecdotal evidence, Dr Ang is being unscientific in his approach. This makes him grossly irresponsible as a doctor and a man of science.



  1. When a patient is faced with such a serious illness and their back is against the wall, what’s wrong with trying to cover all your bases? Why not limit foods that are known to be less healthy and eat more of the things we all intuitively know are better for us?

    While making some simple changes to your diet may not CURE cancer, it sure doesn’t hurt.

    All doctors should encourage patients to build up their natural immunity by eating right, taking supplements, drinking lots of water and getting enough exercise and rest. It just makes sense.

    Dr Barry Marks

  2. If only Singapore’s top oncologist — who once treated the then Deputy Prime Minister, current Prime Minister — is as open-minded as you.

  3. Following a good diet, can cure all problem and improve a person’s health. If awareness has been created, its worth to lead a good living.

  4. It’s unfortunate that bedside manner is not focused on in Medical schools.

    http://www.health-risk-assessment.com Wellness Programs

  5. I wish my family had known the benefits of phytonutrients when my dad was dying of lung cancer. Also, my mom passed away two years ago from the complications of lifelong diabetes…if only their generation had found value in researching and knowing about wild and organic fruits and vegetables.

  6. It is very important to stay on top of your health. We need to be more conscience of what we injest into our bodies.

    healthy cures

  7. Unfortunately, Ang’s attitude typifies the arrogance of conventional medicine in general.

    My favorite book title on this subject is by Lothar Hirneise – “Chemotherapy Heals Cancer and The World Is Flat”.

  8. Forgot to add. An orthopaedic surgeon last year said to me that (slightly paraphrased) “naturopathic doctors and all those are all NOT doctors”.

  9. u r right that there is hope for cancer victims from the hospitals if they choose the natural means, recommend u 2 http://www.cacare.com

  10. Dr Ang treated an acquantaince of mine and organised a series of unnecessary treatment that were expensive and definitely UNNECESSARY.
    I am a doctor myself and his actions disgust me.

    • What I know about him are arrogant, lack of empathy, expensive. and rushy.He even didnt want to take a look our medical check up result from other hospital. really far from what I have read on the web. Just really dissapointed, (because I was the one who recommend him before to my family).

  11. I read the above and cannot agree more with what has been said. I was a patient of his and underwent 3 cycles of chemotherapy that lasted 8 weeks. At the end of the treatment, he has the audacity of telling me that he was disappointed with the results and quickly wrote a referral letter to undergo surgery. I had the traumatic cranial-facial surgery a month ago.
    I want to repeat that Dr. Ang Peng Tiam is a loud, arrogant, money centered, irresponsible doctor that treats the patients as commodities. I hardly speak to him becuase everytime I open my month he shuts me off or brush me aside. He is also very very expensive and prescribes unnecessar medications and booster jabs??. The bill for 3 cycles – about US$40K..

    • Hi Richard, I saw your website about drinking diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide. Do you know where we can buy food grade hydrogen peroxide in Singapore?

      • i couldn’t agree more. He is an insensitive doctor. My mother had stage 4 cancer and with all the believe i had, i went to him for treatment for my mum’s illness. He not only made her condition worse but when i finally voiced off and told him i wanted to stop treatment, he told me why bring your mother to me, let her die at home. He is a horrible doctor and a human being. My mother has left me but what upsets me most is that i was made to believe i was giving my mother the best by this horrible doctor but the truth was she was deteriorating even more with his care. His patients are just a money making machine for him.

  12. Recently, I saw a you-tube about a women from China, whose doctor gave her a 6-month life. She decided to stop seeking all treatments, put on a positive attitude and lead a energetic lifestyle. 30-plus years later, at the age of 76(?), she is still alive and “kicking”.

  13. I managed to get my dad (stage 4 lung cancer, spreaded to the bones) a 16oz 35 food grade hydrogen peroxide from USA. i tried looking for it in SIngapore but to no avail. He has started the protocol 3 days ago and might go into healing crisis. He said his body feels warm and he doesn’t get the chills. All the doctors (from PCC and NCC) suggested chemo is the onlyway to go. My brothers and i against it. we have family and friends who died right after chemo… so it horrible, and you are right, no sugar and no protein to starve the cancer, raw veg diet is the best… no milk, no poultry and no meat. IN a few month we will see result from my dad i am sure.

  14. I pity every patient (and his or her family members) who choose to see Dr Ang Peng Tiam without reading reviews about him. I am sure many see him just because of his egoistic articles in the papers. His fellow doctors in Mount Elizabeth hospital will know what an arrogant person he is. He is no saint. He will charge an arm and a leg even if you are dying. He “orders” surgeons to do this and do that as if he knows everything but often make mistakes. Have lunch around the hospital and you will hear many doctors talking about how piss-ed they are with him. But sadly Parkway continue to partner with him in this unholy alliance to make money off the back of people who knows nothing of this greedy monster. I pray that he will reap what he sows. He can earn all the money he wants and face judgement someday.

  15. My mother did her PT scan in Parkway Cancer Centre not long ago, Dr Ang Peng Tiam confirmed in words that my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, too late for operation and in need of biopsy on her liver to decide which type of chemo is needed. I ask him immediately if it possible to cut out part of the liver, he raised his tone and asked me “how to cut the liver?” (exact words). We decided not to continue with the biopsy in PCC, later a few doctors and surgeon in other hospitals told us that it is possible to do the surgery on the liver and cut out the affected part, the liver can grow back in the future. We were also told that it is dangerous to do biopsy on the liver. Finally we agreed to do the surgery first and biopsy later.
    The operation went on well over a month ago, 30% of my mother’s liver was removed and when the test came out, no cancer cell were detected.
    It may be hard to believe Dr Ang Peng Tiam, who is regardless as one of the top oncologist in Singapore will give us fault information.
    According to a nutritionist, over 50% of the chemotherapy are unnecessary. This treatment generate big money to the medical profession and the manufacturers.
    I am not sure how many people have been misguided by this arrogant doctor-Dr Ang Peng Tiam. But I think Mount Elizabeth Hospital should partially responsible for the unprofessional act he did to odinary people like us.

    • Hi! may I ask which “other hospitals” did you go to? was it also in Singapore?

  16. Hydrogen water is another way to help cancer patient. Visit: http://www.hydrogenwater-stick.com/

  17. When I was in a Chinese hospital seeking treatment 3 years ago, I met many of Dr Ang’s ex patients who were given up for dead.
    Many of them ( especially from Malaysia ) had nothing good to say about him as they all felt conned. Most of them had to sell off or mortgage their assets to place a huge deposit with this doctor before he would treat them. They came with high hopes but were told to go home and prepare for the worst after wasting millions of dollars on chemotherapy and radiotherapy which can be obtained in any other cancer hospital back home.

    Well the good thing was, they all survived after seeking treatment in this Chinese hospital. All for a fraction of Dr Ang’s.

    All these cancer forums and cancer documentaries sponsored by his medical group are cheap means to advertise.

    Getting a VIP well again doesn’t mean that cancer will not return. Moreover, it depends on the stage of his cancer when treatment was sought.

    I felt sorry, angry and embarrassed when someone from my country
    became a target of jokes and condemnation.

    A doctor must not sell hopes.

  18. Hi, Where is this Chinese hospital which you are referring to?

    • Fuda Cancer Hospital, Guangzhou, China. If you need more info, please let me know your contact no. or email address.

    • Fuda Cancer Hospital
      2, Tangde Xilu, Tianhe District, Guanzhou.

      Contact: Prof Niu Lizhi (niuboshi@fudahospital.com


      • I remember at one point thinking about registering, but then realized that since I never had an IEP, and that I was diagnosed when I was 6 and getting registered was just too much hassle for little payoff. The two instances I needed help worked out alright. One for a the timing of a break during a 3 hour night class, and a slightly demeaning meeting where I was cooed over while asking for “I won’t be able to memorize this, what’s the most imt#rtanp&o8221; during in another. Both worked out well, even being cooed over by my National Parks/ Tourism professor.

  19. Hi, Can you provide the Chinese Hospital Name and address?
    can email to tanhonmun@yahoo.com

  20. Hi. Can you provide the chinese hospital name n address? Can email to takaolin@gmail.com?

  21. I wish to thank everyone above for sharing the “experiences” they had with Dr Ang. My father had the misfortune to be recommended to see this very doctor, and had a bad experience with him.

    On hindsight, this bad experience is probably a blessing in disguise, as it prompted me to research Dr Ang; and to find out that we are better off without him.

    He was rude to my father for no apparent reason, when he was the one who was very late for my father’s appointment at 10.30am (my father saw him only at 2pm, after a long wait, could not even step out for food). Then the Dr proceeded to rush through my father’s PET Scan and Blood Test results, and then sent my father out of his consultation room, all of which for a total of not more than 5 mins.

    Not only was there no empathy towards a patient who is in a sensitive state of mind (since obviously no healthy person would be visiting an oncologist for consultation); time and effort wasn’t even spared to properly explain the results of the scans and tests to my father (a layman in medical matters).

    We would definitely NOT be recommending anyone to Dr Ang.

  22. I am thinking of taking my dad to see Dr. Ang, so sad to hear all of this!

    • 4 years ago a friend referred me to take my dad to Dr ang for 2nd opinion aft being diagnosed with stage 3 oesophagus cancer. In less than 5 min we were out of his room. Super arrogant, cold blooded doctor. When my dad asked how much would his chemo treatment cost, his reply was going to cost alot of money and he should go govt restructured hosp for treatment if have financial constraint. We left without seeing him again because we did have financial constraints.

      My late father had received very good medical care fr warm hearted doctors from sgh and spore cancer ctr. He passed away last year.

      Now, 4 years later when i knew my cousin,diagnosed with 4th stage cancer of large intestine, was also referred to Dr ang for 2nd opinion, i accompanied her to see Dr ang after failed attempt to stop her. To any new cancer patient, the most “well known” doctor gives high glimpse of hope of longer life span n better quality of life.

      After 4 years, I was hoping to see a changed, a more compassionate, less cold arrogant Dr Ang Peng Tiam, but i am certainly even more disappointed this time. In my eyes, i saw a bigger “monster”. I cant stop my cousin to engage him as her cancer doctor but no one can stop me from penning down my 2 visits impressions of Dr Ang Peng Tiam. Will never refer any patient to him !!!

  23. This is my direct review about dr ang peng tiam, he is my oncologist. I am 28 years old with stage 3 ovarian cancer under his care.

    He is not what many people talked about. Have you been to his clinic? He has more than 100 patients waiting for him, around 80 people is going for chemo every day in his clinic.
    He employed around 30 people in his clinic.
    For 1 doctor he is very busy. Do you want to keep other patients waiting? If you have question, ask. Dont expect him to know every single things in your mind. He is a human.
    And when a patient die, he is not a God. What do you think? You come to him with cancer, and you expect he will cure you like he is God? His job is to help you to be cured. He is just a doctor.

    He is straight forward. And he never asked me what is my job, how much money I made, like many people gossip about him. He is never rude but he can be pissed off when I ignore his advice.

    He did not have time to speak and suggest argue with you what you should eat, he has it in his notice board, flyers about healthy living, and what should you eat. He has it there.

    When I first came to him, I was scared. He was so serious and he never treat anyone like its easy.

    For Indonesian, I am Indonesian too. I hear many of your complain. Stop asking for discount, and keep telling the nurses and all its very expensive and its hard for you to pay the bills. Its your health for heaven sake. Do you want to bargain? If you seek cheaper option, go to our local indonesian hospital, and you doesnt need to spend on expensive hotels of flight bills.

    He is a doctor who treat a patient from other oncologist, i met alot of other reccurence cancer patient from another ocologist. Those who have time to talk to them almost 1 hour in the clinic and told them just end 7cycle instead of 8 cycle.

    When everyone asked me why I go with dr ang he is so commercialize etc etc, let me tell you his. Yes he is so commercial, he is not cheap, and cancer is never cheap, he cures the singapore PM, he face is everywhere in the notice board and he is the first guy who open cancer centre in singapore. BUT IF HE IS PROOFEN that he can help cancer patients cure, then why would you care with what people said?

    He is direct, If he cant cure you he will say it. The thing about indonesian is they want all sweet talk and said, you will be ok, i can cure you. If you are too weak too old and its impossible for you to get chemo he will try it slowly.

    This is a review of a cancer patient of dr ang peng tiam. I just got an infection on my own, is it his fault? Did he watch me 24/7? No. I wont blame him.

    How can someone so angry when he said you can eat whatever you want? Use your own brain. Read his article while waiting for him. Its written in many languages. Youre under chemo, its very hard for you to chew food. i have cheat day, i eat cake once in a while and it helps me. I go on my juices daily. And my chemo work very well, and many of other patients also said his side effect of chemo is minimal. So I am.

    So yes. My review probably wont get published here..

    • My brother was once his patient. I will classify Dr ang as normal doctor but with a big ego not because he failed to sure my brother but in the process. One incident as eg. My brother was warded in icu with respiratory problem. The icu doctor recommend to cut and insert a tube down his throat, more comfortable then inserting the long tube down his mouth. In order to do so, he needs Dr ang approval. Dr ang rejected claiming there may be complication from my brother blood since he is having low platelet. I accepted since he is the Dr. Less than a week later he ordered what the icu Dr recommended. When I asked about the complications he mentioned before he just merely say can give transfusion. I am not a Dr but I am not stupid.i just felt bad I made my brother suffered with the long tube down his mouth for 5 days…there is once the Dr who operated on my brother said he has to attend Dr ang dinner, all Dr must go. I am not blaming Dr ang for failing to sure my brother but he did not take care of him well in term of other aspects like comfort. Total cost we spent in about 4 mth. ..>sgd500k…recommend Dr ang to anyone? No…private hospital is faster in term of services, scan, etc. Dr wise I rather go sgh or ncc. Just my personal experience…

  24. Thanks for your “review”. Why do you assume that it won’t get published just because it gives a different viewpoint?

  25. Hi there! I just came across your blog regarding Dr. Ang. My late father was once one of his patients. Reading your posts and the comments left by the readers resonated with the anguish my family went through. Dr Ang’s conduct was truly appalling, including his staff. My Dad decided not to come back after a few sessions because it was just a complete waste of time and money. We went to seek a second opinion from another oncologist at the National Cancer Center. It turned out that my Dad’s condition wasn’t any regular skin cancer, but he was actually diagnosed with Mycosis Fungoides – a rare form of T-Cell lymphoma. My Dad was actually among the 1% rare Asians who contracted it and normally, the survival rate is only about a couple of years. But thanks to the care of Dr. Lim Soon Thye, as well as his constant discipline to exercise, my Dad was able to live a great quality life for 5 years and became the longest surviving case in the world.

    So much for being one of the best oncologists in the country. And yet, Dr Ang couldn’t tell how dangerous this cancer was. Even the neurologist who’s treating my Mum also dislikes him and always advises people to see other oncologists.

  26. I regretted I didn’t come across this article earlier. Really regret.

  27. My late father was diagnosed with rare adrenal cancer in 2003. We were recommended to Dr Ang by a family friend after a failed cycle of chemo in KL. We commuted to see him and for his chemotherapy session each month. After 12 cycles, his tumor shrinked a little however, my dad was very weak and he did not want to continue anymore.

    I still remembered on the last visit to Dr Ang, we informed him that we didn’t want to continue anymore chemo, he immediately took out a tape recorder to record in his words that the patient, my dad did not want to continue chemo and he, as his doctor will not be able to do anything for us anymore. Shock turned into hurt and resent, knowing that a doctor can be so cold and unempathic, we left his consultation room without him even looking up and saying goodbye. Probably he is angry with us that he has one less money-making patient.

    We went back to his previous oncologist, though nothing much we can do, we were grateful that he gave my dad a peaceful send-off.

    A great doctor is defined not only by his immense knowledge and skills but most importantly, his noble heart and sadly Dr Ang has none.

  28. im going to give my two cents worth of advice. dr ang is not a god so quit being so bitter when your loved ones passed on. as a dr, he is just trying his best but he cannot go against god’s will. it is your choice to seek his advice in the 1st place. if its your time to go, you will go.

  29. This is what i went through when my late dad was supposedly diagnosed with stomach cancer.

    There was once during a sit down with him as he explains the details of the findings about my dad. I like the fact that he was quite assertive and always said that he would not give up finding the cause of the cancer. This was after 2months of backforth between different hospital finally to Mount E.

    During my dads last weeks, he sounded as if we were fighting a losing battle. Having taken this into consideration, we wanted to try some alternative western oral supplements to see if it would help. Like any other family member, of course you would do anything for him/her. We were shutdown with a strong no. Not only that, he was berating some of the family member for having such views or constantly reminding us about his years of experience in the field.

    Suddenly that man that we look up to for answer became a monster. We tried to transfer out of the hospital so that we could care for my dad nearer to where we live and also truthfully partly because the bills were exorbitant at that point. Again, a strong no. One must wonder whether the no was because he cited my dad was in a fragile state or was it for the money. I asked him, so basically we are trapped here with no cure and no answers to what cancer my dad has and i have to fork out thousands more for this? What he answered amazes me till this day. He said yes. Yes we were trapped.

    My dad passed away the following week and the cause of death written was stomach cancer. So for the whole month we were there we were told there were traces of cancer cells in the bloodstream but they could not locate it.

    I would hope that my case was an isolated one but from what i read in the comments here, supported by the article dated july 19 by straits times “prominent cancer doctor fined 25K” ultimately proofed to me wrong.

    Just an experience with the man.

  30. I agree with u….Dr . Ang is a rude doctor, and give a bullshit hope. Don’t trust whatever he said.

    I am a family member of DR ANG”s patient

  31. I’m a Malaysian who married a Singaporean wife in 1982. As we were planning to have a large family and Singapore’s policy then was maximum 2 kids, we moved to Kuala Lumpur which was my home and we raised 6 wonderful children there. In 2006, my wife was diagnosed with 2nd stage of breast cancer. We considered all alternatives of treatment as well as which hospital she should be admitted for treatment. We checked both the university hospital and a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur and the key oncologist of each hospital was very helpful, professional and informative. I had a Malaysian school friend who worked 10 years in Singapore after his scholarship to become a pediatrician and had returned to Kuala Lumpur to practice. He recommended an oncologist from SGH Dr Koo Wen Hsin and we met him too. Prior to that we also met Dr Ang Peng Tiam in his clinic. I remember vividly walking into the clinic to see a photo of him on the wall standing by the PM then Mr Lee Hsien Loong. I also remember that the meeting didn’t last very long as when my wife expressed her concerned about chemotherapy versus other alternatives, he simply ended the meeting by saying, “If you don’t want to take chemo, don’t waste my time!” and showed us the way out.

    Now it wasn’t that she had decided against chemotherapy but only had concerns after doing much prior study of her own. On meeting Dr Koo Wen Hsin of SGH and National Cancer Centre Singapore, we were completely sold to take the first round of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. My wife lived for 7 years and during that time in 2011 Dr Koo even created a miracle with chemo to allow her to fly to the US for our 2nd daughter’s wedding when a few weeks before flight, her blood test showed negative results unfit for travel. She passed away in 2012 peacefully. My wife would refer to Dr Koo as one willing to give her a holiday from chemo whenever she requested and for years she did not receive any chemo and had tried other alternatives as well. I make my comment not on where we stand with regards to taking chemo or not but is about Dr Ang Peng Tiam. One lady in Singapore when I remarked about a doctor who was very rude by the way he treated us without mentioning his name, as just described, she herself to my surprise asked is it Dr Ang Peng Tiam? I happened to meet her a few days ago to hear from her that Dr Ang faced a law suit from a patient as reported in the papers and I just smiled to know God is Great, Time will Tell as my mother had always repeated to me when I was young! I found this blog post after searching Dr Ang’s name to learn he was fined $25,000 by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) in June 2016 reported by The Straits Times news online. The tribunal cleared Dr Ang of two charges, but found him guilty of the other two and imposed a $25,000 fine on him.

    Chong Sun Fu. wife Thong Geok Lee
    2 Nov 2016

  32. Hi everyone, I just red through every single comments on this post, and I just couldn’t agree more with the majority reviews about dr ang’s attitude.

    My mother is a stage one breast cancer patient, she went for breast vasectomy on her left side in 2013. She’s still alive now, but she needs to visit dr ang every two months for the Herceptine treatment. The problem is that we never get any information about the duration of the treatment. We need to spend $2000 SGD for the injection every two monts excluding the accomodation and plane ticket.

    As what you have robably red from the previous revie ws, he always in a rush, rude, and unempathetic everytime we ask about this.

    Does anyone have informations or experiences about the herceptine treatment? I have red some articles stated that the duration might vary for everyone, but i just want to know if you have the same struggle. Or is that possible if I change to a different doctor? Please help.

    • If you really need to know more about herceptin treatment, you shud ask dr ang and his nurses. No point bringing your mother and undergo herceptin without knowing why u shud go thru it. Herceptin treatment is 17 cycle but it all depends on your mom’s condition and situation. He probably explained to u but u did not get it.

      Have u seen his clinic? Have u seen his patients? He is rushy bcos he have ALOT of patients to attend to. Wud u like it if he spend more time with other patients and make you wait longer? He is trying to accomodate other patients too! Its just the same as goverment hospital and u get everything done on the same day like 1 week after.

      He is not rude but probably your questions are so stupid and absurd that he find it ridiculous to answer.

      • Leemeimei, I think you are just another rude a**. What do you mean by “He is not rude but probably your questions ar so stupid and absurd that he find it ridiculous to answer.” ?

        Read and re-read the things you write before you even post. Please! Don’t start attacking people just because they don’t share your liking for this doctor! Is he related to you?

  33. I keep hearing this mantra on “balance diet”. What is it? Any specific example that can be recommended for a week?

  34. Know of a distant relative who is a colon cancer survivor for >10 years, yet every 3-4 months she has to fly to Singapore to see Dr Ang for various tests and a $1000+ injection to “protect against bone cancer”?. She dare not disobey him and wasn’t sure what injection for, but jut follow his instruction to come frequently. She said he has many patients in his clinic (no wonder when even those who survive many years are made to come every few months), so have to wait for 2-3 hours to see him for <5 minutes consultation. She ever ask if she can reduce frequency to half-yearly but got a reprimand by him, so out of fear she fly here frequently to spend a fortune on her follow up (when she could have save a lot with free blood tests etc in Malaysia as a retired civil servant). She also doesn't have osteoporosis n is healthy so not sure why almost all patients in clinic are given the expensive injection each time they are there at clinic (not sure about side-effects). I suppose it's the fear of cancer survivors that they rely a lot on doctor like he's their God. Not suppose to question his decision.

  35. Ang Peng Tiam is a cold blooded asshole. I wish he wud experience cancer this lifetime and feel the suffering he put most patients through. An insensitive, self centered greedy clown looking bastard. Even Jesus wud not have forgiven him.

  36. He should be back practising now. Any updated comments from his patients or care givers?

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