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One week of trans fats

January 30, 2007

Today, I mark the one week anniversary of this blog. This is a very small milestone. But hey, for a newbie like me, it’s an occasion to celebrate.

Another reason to celebrate is that I had a record 158 visits yesterday – more than double my previous high of 63. It is not a lot compared to what I imagine the more popular bloggers get. But, it has been beyond my expectations. Way, way beyond.

Although new to blogging, I had been building websites for many years. My first attempt was during the late 1990s. Back then, I was too cheapskate to purchase my own domain name (it probably cost more at that time too) and my website was

I built it with a program called Pagemill. I bet most of you have not heard of that! The site was not very nice looking. I did not even know how to resize my pictures and some of them were enormous!

The more serious attempt was in 2002, when I put up my personal website, I had a pirated version of Adobe Golive 4.0, I learnt to use it by reading Learning Adobe Golive in 24 hours, and, before the 24 hours, I had a site going. I was quite pleased with the design too. Incidentally I have since switched to legitimate software, using Adobe GoLive CS2.

Then in 2005, I joined a web marketing programme called Site Built It. My friend who introduced it to me was making ‘big money’ through Google Ads, meaning she was earning a few hundred US dollars per month.

I thought I could do with some additional income and I identified with Site Build It business model, which emphasises delivering quality CONTENT rather than performing various tricks to draw visitors. Today, my friend is earning thousands per month and I still have a long, long way to go. But I really think Site Build It is great, at just US $299 per year. Do check it out.

The bottom line is this:

  • After 5 years, gets about 400-500 visitors per day. In fact, it was at that level after 3 years and had remained more or less stagnant.
  • After 2 years, my second website, done with Site Build It now has about 200 visitors daily and the numbers are still increasing.

So you understand why I get excited when this blog received 158 visitors yesterday, after just one week!

My latest website, is doing well too, averaging more than 100 visits daily after less than one month. The highest was 320 visitors, after Mr Wang Says So mentioned the site on his blog.

That was when I decided to start this blog. In fact, I re-started it. Back in September 2005, I started a similar blog on blogspot but left it idle after just three posts (and a few spam comments).

I really must thank Mr Wang for his inspiration to get me started again.

And to YCK, saltwetfish, kenwahfu, Molly and others who added more than their 2 cents worth to keep the discussion alive with their comments, as well as the many others who emailed me privately.

One email I’d like to mention. It came from a doctor, a medical specialist in a public hospital. He said that since he works in a government hospital, the less he says in public, the better. But privately, he said, he agrees with me wholeheartedly.

It is heartening to get such emails, although I wish people were less reluctant to speak up in public, especially when the Internet offers some degree of anonymity (spelling correct??).

Thanks, too, to and others for recommending some of my posts. You have all contributed greatly to my visitor traffic.

In all my years of putting up information on the Internet, I have never before felt so connected with my readers – and with fellow posters and the rest of the Internet community. Sure, I get an occasional email from visitors to my websites. It happens once every few months. But this past week I’ve had close to 20 emails already. Keep them coming and apologies if I sometimes fail to reply. I need to work and earn a living too.

So now I am beginning to understand the value of blogs, and what all the fuss and excitement is all about. I am a latecomer. But am glad I am here.

I bid you to welcome me to blogosphere as much as I regret to read that one of our most prominent contributors, Gayle Goh, has decided to leave.

I hope I will be here for some time yet. I have lots more to say and to share about trans fats and many other health issues.

Watch this space.