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The Chendol piles remedy

May 24, 2007

Some friends in a discussion group were recently talking about piles or haemorrhoids. And one of them wrote that piles is normally a problem faced by older people.

This was not true in my case and I shared my experiences with piles with the group. Since I am back to blogging, thought I share them with you too. I may have discovered a delicious piles remedy…

 Piles. I grew up with them, had them ever since young. Everybody else in my family seemed to have it and to me it was “normal” to have piles.

 During national service, one day after training, I sat on the bed, got up and found a big patch of blood on my bedsheet. Next day went to see army doc, got scolded like hell for not reporting piles, said “Can die if not treated”.

How was I to know? To me it was normal. And I thought I would be scolded or charged for trying to skive by reporting a “normal” condition.

Thus I had my first operation, for piles, around age 18, shortly after entering NS. BTW my operation was bloody painful. No GA, I was awake throughout, just local anaesthetic. It was not the pain of the cut but I felt as if my intestines were being pushed and pulled, feeling was one of tremendous stomach ache. And recovery took long time.

Most others I know had relatively painless piles operation. To this day I wonder if it was because my op was done in a government hospital by “ordinary” doctors rather than by specialists?


Few years after the op, piles returned. Bleeding again.

Then in my 30s I started path of natural health and began to eat healthy diet with little meat, more fibre (from brown rice, more veggies, etc) and generally the bleeding stopped.


More recently, started bleeding again and it was quite bad, a lot more blood than ever before. I was worried for a while.

I asked my nutritionist friend, amd he said the bleeding was probably due to infection / inflammation. He recommended PROBIOTICS ie friendly bacteria.

He gave me some very high potency probiotics, 250 billion live bacteria per gram. The recommended dosage is just a fraction of a gram. I use the back of Chinese porcelain spoon to scoop a little, maybe about 100 billion bacteria, 2 times a day, early morning and late night.

In contrast, most probiotics sold in health stores has only 2 to 5 billion live bacteria. Yakult etc has about 2 billion, plus plenty sugar, coloring etc.

 It seems a lot, but our guts have 100 trillion of them. That’s 100,000,000,000,000 or 1 followed by 14 zeros. So taking 2 to 5 billion actually has negligible effects. And there are no problems with overdose. Probiotics have no known side or harmful effects.

My nutritionist friend said to check back with him after two weeks.

Almost to the day, in 2 weeks, bleeding stopped. I thought it was too good to be true. Then the bleeding came back again, then stopped again.

But I got lazy and stopped taking the probiotics. Bleeding returned. Whenever I took probiotics again, the bleeding would stop again after 3 or 4 days.


Then in past 3 months or so, suddenly I had no more bleeding even though I stopped taking probiotics — because I not in the habit of taking supplements, only taken when in trouble.

I was wondering how come?!?

Then I realised, the one major change in my food intake these past few months is that I discovered this wonderful chendol at Tekka market and had been taking it several times a week. Just had another two cups tonight.

(This is the stall that, as you enter the hawker centre from Serangoon Road, it is on the LEFT side of the block of stalls, about 6 or 7 stalls from the end. It is more or less directly back-to-back with the famous brayani and chapati stalls.)

I remember coconut oil being helpful for many conditions, including problems in the intestines. Among other things, coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is a potent destroyer of virus, bacteria, yeast and parasites. Click here to read more about benefits of coconut oil.

Is it really the chendol that solved the problem? I don’t really know and I don’t really care.

The chendol is delicious anyway 😉